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Clean windows make your whole house seem cleaner, brighter, almost new again!

It feels good to have clean windows.


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Residential Window Cleaning in Edmonton

Edmonton Window Cleaning

What's The 'Secret' to Spotless, Streak-Free Windows?

The 'secret' to spotless, streak-free windows isn't in the tools, or the type of soap in the water. . . (although having good tools is certainly useful). The real trick to getting perfectly clean windows is practice. . . and then more practice. When you clean windows every day, you get pretty good at it!

But, when it comes to tools, Heights has several that we employ.

We may clean your windows to a perfect shine using traditional window cleaning tools - including: ladders and poles, an applicator, a squeegee, a cloth for detailing, and a soft bristle brush for cleaning screens.

Or, depending on the circumstance, we may use a water fed pole attached to a filtration system that removes particulates from the water down to 10 parts per million, all of which allows us to work from the ground. And the water dries without leaving a trace.

In any case, it's years of experience that lets us choose the right tools for the situation, and the reason that we can confidently guarantee Service A Step Above.

Service a Step Above

Service a Step Above

Your satisfaction is the whole of our job. If you are not 100% thrilled with the results, we will return to make it right. We promise.

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